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Server Administrator's Guide: Overview

Overview of the SAS Integration Technologies: Server Administrator's Guide

This is the Server Administrator's Guide for SAS Integration Technologies. This guide is provided for SAS Integration Technologies customers who use the SAS Open Metadata Architecture.

Here you will find detailed instructions for all of the server administration tasks that are required for SAS Workspace servers and spawners, and SAS Stored Process servers and spawners. It also provides general information for administering all IOM servers. Many of these tasks can be performed using the SAS Management Console application. SAS Management Console is a graphical user interface that enables you to easily enter and modify metadata on your SAS Metadata Server.

Before you begin performing SAS Integration Technologies server administration tasks, refer to the Getting Started section for important introductory information for administrators, including these topics:

  • a high-level summary of the administrative steps involved in a SAS Integration Technologies implementation, both with and without the use of the SAS Configuration Wizard (including determining whether you should use a COM/DCOM connection or an IOM Bridge connection)

  • information about setting up libraries

Then refer to the other sections in the Administrator's Guide for detailed documentation of the following administrative tasks:

Use this Server Administrator's Guide in conjunction with the following titles:

Note: If you are implementing SAS Integration Technologies using the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) instead of the Open Metadata Architecture, then refer to the SAS Integration Technologies: Administrator's Guide (LDAP Version).