SAS Environment Manager

Tomcat Monitoring & Management

SAS Environment Manager's Tomcat management plugin provides detailed information about the health and performance of the server as well as every webapp and connector deployed in it. This capability allows customers to gain a level of visibility into the resource consumption of both the server as well as every webapp without requiring instrumentation of your Tomcat or JVM.

SAS Environment Manager's SIGAR monitoring technology provides users with information on JVM performance which offers measurements of the Tomcat server from the operating system's point of view.

SAS Environment Manager's Tomcat management technology allows you to answer questions without any instrumentation of your environment such as:

Which of my webapps is consuming the most amount of CPU?

How much memory is the Tomcat JVM process actually taking up?
SAS Environment Manager's web based portal allows you to build personalized views of monitoring data which compare things like CPU consumption for your tomcat instance, the response time of every webapp, and the load average of the machine hosting the Tomcat server. These easy to use views provide insight into Tomcat performance which help identify problems and do capacity planning for large environments. Environment Manager also provides real per-URL request response time monitoring which displays real performance data for each request serviced by your Tomcat webapps.

Administrators can use Environment Manager to collect information from Tomcat's logs and use it to generate alerts as well as track any exceptions reported to the log. Environment Manager can also track Tomcat's configuration, allowing you to audit any changes into Tomcat's configurations and measure their impact on performance and availability.

Environment Manager's Tomcat control capability allows you to perform immediate, scheduled, or alert-driven control operations on the server. It also allows users to perform per webapp control actions such as reload, deploy, and undeploy without affecting the availability of the server.

Auto-Discover your hardware and Tomcat resources
Monitor every metric, log, and configuration for all Tomcat resources in your inventory
Identify problem resources with automatic baselines for every metric
Control all your Tomcat resources on-demand, on schedule, or in response to alerts
Alert on any measurement, log, or security event in your Tomcat environment