SAS Environment Manager Plugins

Plugins enable agents to discover and monitor resources in a SAS environment. Each plugin is associated with a set of specific resources, and provides the agents with the instructions needed to recognize the resource during auto-discovery and to monitor and collect metrics for the resource. The following plugins are shipped with SAS Environment Manager:

Plugin Name Introduced in Release Plugin Jar Name Monitored Component
activemq 2.1 (9.4 TS1M0) activemq-plugin.jar SAS JMS Broker
camagent 2.1 (9.4 TS1M0) hqagent-plugin.jar SAS Environment Manager Agent
emi-framework 2.3 (9.4 TS1M2) emi-framework.jar SAS Enviroment Manager Service Architecture Framework
emi-reportcenter 2.3 (9.4 TS1M2) emi-reportcenter.jar SAS Enviroment Manager Service Architecture Framework
emi-services 2.1 (9.4 TS1M0) emi-services-plugin.jar SAS Web Infrastructure Platform Data Server
emi-snapshot 2.3 (9.4 TS1M2) emi-snapshot.jar SAS Environment Manager - Environment Snapshot
gemfire 2.1 (9.4 TS1M0) gemfire-plugin.jar SAS Cache Locator
jmx 2.1 (9.4 TS1M0) jmx-plugin.xml JMX-enabled applications
netdevice 2.1 (9.4 TS1M0) netdevice-plugin.jar network device resources
netservices 2.1 (9.4 TS1M0) netservices-plugin.jar netservices resources
postgresql 2.1 (9.4 TS1M0) postgresql-plugin.jar SAS Web Infrastructure Platform Data Server
sas-appserver 2.1 (9.4 TS1M0) sas-appserver-plugin.jar SAS Intelligence Platform
sas-hadoop 2.1 (9.4 TS1M0) sas-hadoop-plugin.jar Hadoop servers
sas-servers 2.1 (9.4 TS1M0) sas-servers-plugin.jar SAS Intelligence Platform
spring 2.1 (9.4 TS1M0) spring-plugin.jar
spring-insight 2.1 (9.4 TS1M0) spring-insight-plugin.jar Spring Insight resources
springsource-tcserver 2.1 (9.4 TS1M0) springsource-tcserver-plugin.jar SAS Web Application Server
system 2.1 (9.4 TS1M0) system-plugin.jar hardware and system resources
tomcat 2.1 (9.4 TS1M0) tomcat-plugin.jar Tomcat resources
vfws 2.1 (9.4 TS1M0) vfws-plugin.jar SAS Web Server

Although open-source plugins are available for VMware Hyperic, these plugins are not supported by SAS Environment Manager. The plugins delivered for SAS Environment Manager have been changed by SAS and are NOT the same as the plugins provided through third-party sources. You should use only plugins provided by SAS with SAS Environment Manager.

If you delete any of these plugins using the SAS Environment Manager Plugin Manager utility, you can retrieve them from the SAS deployment on your system by following these instructions (substitute the correct release where you see 2.x):

  1. Navigate to SAS-installation-directory/SASEnvironmentManagerAgent/2.x. Here you will find a file named:
  2. Untar this file. This will create a directory named:
  3. Now, navigate to SAS-installation-directory/SASEnvironmentManagerAgent/2.x/hyperic-hqee-agent-5.0.0/bundles/agent-5.0.0/pdk/plugins.
  4. You are now located in the SAS Environment Manager plugin installation directory. You can find all of your base plugins here.

Plugins Shipped with Other SAS Products

The following plugins are provided as part of other SAS products then available for use in SAS Environment Manager:

Plugin Name Shipped with what SAS Product Notes
SAS Job Monitor Available with the following server-based data management offerings: SAS Data Quality Advanced, SAS Data Management Standard/Advanced, SAS MDM Standard/Advanced Integrates information from SAS Data Integration Studio, DataFlux Data Management Server, and specific jobs from DataFlux Data Management Studio so that you can oversee the state of jobs that are run from these applications.
SAS Grid Manager SAS Grid Manager Enables you to monitor a SAS grid cluster and provides some of the same functions as Platform RTM, so you can monitor your grid using the same application that you use to monitor your SAS environment.

Additional Experimental Plugins Available for Download

The following experimental plugins are available as downloads:

Plugin Name Valid for Release Plugin Jar Name Monitored SAS Component Notes
apm-services 2.3 (9.4 TS1M2) and earlier apm-services.jar SAS Audit, Performance and Measurement Package (APM) Functionality replaced by SAS Environment Manager Service Architecture Framework
emi-snapshot 2.3 (9.4 TS1M2) and earlier emi-snapshot-plugin.jar SAS Environment and Configuration Snapshot Included in release 2.4
nagios 2.3 (9.4 TS1M2) and earlier nagios-plugin.jar Functionality replaced by SAS Event Exporter in release 2.4