SAS Environment Manager

SAS Cache Locator 6.6.3 Monitoring & Management

SAS Cache Locator is a Gemfire distributed caching system. SAS Cache Locator is a logical entity --- a set of servers that are configured to communicate with one another. The servers in a Cache Locator are referred to as members or nodes. Member types (defined in the rows below) include:

The GemFire plugin manages a SAS Cache Locator and the servers and services it comprises. The intended list of resource types below illustrates the hierarchial relationships among the managed components of a GemFire DS.
SAS Cache Locator
	JMX Agent
	Cache Server 6.6.3
		Cache Server 6.6.3 Region
	Application Peer 6.6.3
		Application Peer 6.6.3 Region
	Gateway Hub 6.6.3
		Gateway Hub 6.6.3 Gateway
		Gateway Hub 6.6.3 Region

Auto-Discover your hardware and SAS Cache Locator servers
Monitor every metric, log, and configuration for all SAS Cache Locator resources in your inventory
Identify problem resources with automatic baselines for every metric
Control your SAS Cache Locator resources on-demand, on schedule, or in response to alerts
Alert on any measurement, log, or security event in your SAS Cache Locator environment

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