Verifying the Bridge for ESRI Installation, and Adding the SAS Toolbar and SAS Menu to ArcMap

Verify the Bridge for ESRI Installation

To verify that the Bridge for ESRI extension is loaded for ArcMap, select Customize Extensions. Ensure that the SAS Bridge for ESRI Extension is listed and that the check box is selected.

Add the SAS Toolbar

SAS Bridge for ESRI provides a toolbar that enables you to launch stored process, manage connections, and perform other tasks.

By default, the toolbar is not displayed in ArcMap. To make the toolbar visible, select Customize Toolbars SAS.

Add the SAS Menu

The SAS menu enables you to access the Options dialog box for Bridge for ESRI. To add the SAS menu to the SAS toolbar:

  1. Select Customize Toolbars Customize to open the Customize dialog box.

  2. Select the Commands tab, and then select [Menus] from the Categories panel.

  3. In the Commands panel, select SAS and drag it onto the SAS toolbar.