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Add SAS data to ArcMap

Not all tabular information is displayed on your map. You can also add tables that have no spatial information. These tables are listed in the table of contents, and you can work with them as you would any table based on geographic features to produce, for example, graphs and reports.

To add a SAS data set to ArcMap:

  1. Select File Add Data   (or click the Add Data button ).
  2. Select the data source that contains the data set that you want to add.
    Note: If you have not defined an OLE database connection, then you must first add an OLE database connection.
  3. Select the SAS data set that you want to add.
  4. Click Add to add the data set.

To export SAS data from ArcMap, right-click the data in the Table of Contents pane, and then select Open. From the Table dialog box, select Table Options Export to a SAS data set.