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About Cynthia Zender

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Cynthia Zender has been with SAS since 1996 as an instructor and course developer. She currently serves as the Curriculum Manager for the Report Writing and Output Delivery System curriculum. Cynthia is a frequent speaker at SAS Global Forum and at regional SAS user groups. She is working on an "SG" procedure graphics course, as well as a SAS/Graph course. Cynthia is a SAS Certified Professional, with over 25 years of experience programming and reporting with SAS. Prior to joining SAS, she worked with a variety of industries (including education, public utilities, and telecom), using SAS for application development and report writing.
Extras and Events
podcast SAS Press authors Lauren Haworth, Cynthia Zender, and Michele Burlew participate in a lively exchange about collaborating on their highly anticipated upcoming book.

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Output Delivery System: The Basics and Beyond book cover

Output Delivery System: The Basics and Beyond

By Michele Burlew, Lauren Haworth Lake, and Cynthia Zender

Table of Contents (PDF) Excerpt Example Code and Data Reviews Buy now