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High School

High School

Providing high school students the 21st Century skills they will need to compete

Teach the SAS Programming for High School curriculum to your students

SAS programming for high school courses teach students how to prepare data for analysis and write SAS programs to solve problems. STEM occupations are among the fastest growing and SAS programmers are in high demand. Join a growing network of teachers who are providing students with an advantage in their college and career aspirations. Participate in this program and start teaching SAS programming to your students.

Courses available through the program

  • SAS Programming 1 for High School – this course teaches students basic SAS programming concepts and tasks, including accessing and manipulating data; producing basic list, summary, and statistical reports; creating SAS data sets; combining SAS data sets; creating basic graphs; and querying data using the SQL procedure.
  • SAS Programming 2 for High School – this course covers comparisons of manipulation techniques and resource cost benefits designed to help student programmers choose the most appropriate technique for their data situation. This course also teaches students how to process SAS data using Structured Query Language (SQL) and how to use the components of the SAS macro facility to design, write, and debug macro systems that are reusable and dynamic. Emphasis is placed on understanding how programs with macro code are processed.

Program participation

High School teachers interested in participating in this program should attend the SAS Programming for High School - summer training program for teachers. During the summer training program for teachers, SAS provides five days of training, certificate of completion, and all the instructional materials, assessments, and software necessary to successfully teach SAS programming.
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For more information about the program, read the brochure (.pdf).

Why Teach SAS Programming?

  • Offering SAS Programming parallels national high school reform trends by providing more rigor and relevance for secondary students.
  • SAS programmers are in high demand in the marketplace. Knowledge of SAS programming can help students enter careers in the technology, marketing, financial services, insurance and pharmaceutical sectors.
  • SAS software is used in college-level courses requiring quantitative analysis including psychology, sociology, statistics, mathematics, business, life sciences and public health.

Hear from two high school students who used SAS to study internet usage at their school.

"SAS has opened a new world of programming to students, where they can see the cross over between the classroom and real world applications."
Sharon Jones
SAS Programming HS Institute Graduate and Career and Technical Education Teacher
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

Success Story

Phillip O. Berry Academy hits high note with SAS programming for high school courses (.pdf)
The past 15 years has seen an explosion of computer availability in high school classrooms, an availability neither existing nor envisioned at the inception of the AP Statistics course. It is important that students be exposed to the capabilities and benefits of using data analysis software as these are the skills they will leverage in the college classroom.

SAS AP Stat Summer Institute

The AP Stat Summer Institute will introduce high school statistics teachers to the basic tools, tips and resources for using data analysis software in the AP Stat course. At the Summer Institute, participants will complete the AP Statistics Using SAS Enterprise Guide training course and will learn how to integrate these materials into the AP Stat course. SAS Enterprise Guide is a point-and-click, menu- and wizard-driven interface to SAS software.

Benefits of attending the AP Stat Summer Institute

  • Explore pedagogical advantages of using data visualization and analysis software to teach core concepts of statistics found in the AP Stat Course
  • Hands-on instruction with the software and teaching materials
  • Receive teaching materials and supplemental texts


The training, all materials, and the software are provided at no cost to participants in the AP Stat Summer Institute. Breakfasts and lunches are also provided. Attendees only need to pay for their travel and lodging costs if any.
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SAS is an avid supporter of education. It is crucial for students to acquire knowledge and skills needed to drive innovation. Today's economies are faced with the challenge of employing a workforce with skills to analyze big data and make effective decisions. The McKinsey Global Institute has indicated, "by 2018, the United States alone could face a shortage of 140,000 to 190,000 people with deep analytical skills as well as 1.5 million managers with the know-how to use these types of analyses to drive decision making."

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) are critical for preparing the next generation of analytic talent. Studying STEM gives students the opportunities to develop knowledge and skills to work with big data and drive innovation. STEM students will be able to pursue careers that are in high demand and that have high wages. In the US, the demand for scientists and engineers is expected to increase at four times the rate of all other occupations over the next decade. If you're still wondering why you should study STEM, here are some other interesting STEM facts.

SAS employees explain why they studied STEM and describe their jobs here at SAS.

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Want to learn more about how you can use SAS as part of your STEM education?