SAS/C® Library Reference

Volume 2

Release 6.00

Using This Book

Part 1: Special Features of the SAS/C Library

Chapter 1: Dynamic-Loading Functions


Function Descriptions

Chapter 2: CMS Low-Level I/O Functions


CMS Low-Level I/O Functions

XEDIT Low-Level I/O Functions

Related Utility Functions

Chapter 3: MVS Low-Level I/O Functions


DCBs and DCB Exit Routines

Direct BSAM Interface Functions

The Record-Oriented BSAM Interface

BSAM Record-Oriented Interface Functions

The osdynalloc Function

Chapter 4: MVS Multitasking and Other Low-Level System Interfaces


Multitasking SAS/C Applications

Compatibility Changes

Function Descriptions

Chapter 5: Inter-User Communications Vehicle(IUCV) Functions


IUCV Communications Overview

IUCV Signal Handling, and Message Processing

IUCV Parameter Lists and External Interrupt Data Formats

Message Queues

Return Codes

Function Descriptions

An Example pf IUCV Communication

Guidelines and Cautions

Chapter 6: Advanced Program-to-Program Communication/Virtual Machine (APPC/VM) Functions


APPC/VM Parameter Lists and External Interrupt data Formats

Function Descriptions

APPC/VM Communication Example Programs

Guidelines and Cautions

Chapter 7: The Subcommand Interface to EXECs and CLISTs


Subcommand Processing in C Programs

Overview of the SUBCOM Environment

Function Descriptions

Examples of SUBCOM Processing

Guidelines for Subcommand Processing

Chapter 8: The CMS REXX SAS/C Interface


REXX Concepts and Background

How the Library Interfaces with REXX

Function Descriptions

An Example of a REXX Function Package

Additional Guidelines and Related Topics

Chapter 9: Coprocessing Functions


cocall and coreturn

Coprocess States

Passing Data between Coprocesses

Coprocess Data Types and Constants

Coprocess Identifiers


A Coprocessing Example

Advanced Topics: Program Termination

Advanced Topics: Signal Handling

Function Descriptions

Chapter 10: Localization


Locales and Categories

The "S370" Locale

The "POSIX" Locale

Library-Supplied Locales

Function Descriptions

User-Added Locales

Chapter 11: Multibyte Character Functions


SAS/C Implementation of Multibyte Character Sequences

Locales and Multibyte character Sequences

Function Descriptions

Chapter 12: User-Added Signals


Notes on Handlers for User-Defined Signals

Restrictions on Synchronous and Asynchronous Signals

Summary of Routines for Adding Signals

SAS/C Library Routines for Adding New Signals

Chapter 13: Getting Environmental Information


The L$UENVR Routine

Function Descriptions

Part 2: SAS/C Socket Library for TCP/IP

Chapter 14: The TCP/IP Protocol Suite

Overview of TCP/IP

Internet Protocol(IP)

User Datagram Protocol(UDP)

Transmission Control Protocol(TCP)

Domain Name System(DNS)

MVS and CMS TCP/IP Implementation

Chapter 15: The BSD UNIX Socket Library


Overview of the BSD UNIX Socket Library

Header Files

Socket Functions

Chapter 16: Porting UNIX Socket Applications to the SAS/C® Environment


Integrated and Non-Integrated Sockets

Socket Library Restrictions

Function Names

Header Filenames


BSD Library Dependencies

INETD and BSD Kernel Routine Dependencies

Character Sets

The Resolver

Chapter 17: Network Administration


Configuration Data Sets

Search Logic

Specifying TCPIP_PREFIX for MVS

Specifying TCPIP_MACH

gethostbyname and Resolver Configuration

Configuring for the CMS Environment

Configuring for the MVS Environment

Chapter 18: Socket Function Reference


Part 3: SAS/C POSIX Support

Chapter 19: Introduction to POSIX

POSIX and OpenEdition Concepts

The errno Variable

SAS/C OpenEdition Interfaces

Chapter 20: POSIX Function Reference