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SAS/C Library Reference, Third Edition, Volume 2,& Release 6.00 , provides complete reference documentation for the functions that comprise the SAS/C Library. It is primarily intended for experienced C programmers. It makes no attempt to discuss either programming fundamentals or how to program in C.

Many of the examples used in this book are available through SAS Online Samples.


This book uses the following syntax conventions:


This book uses the following icons to indicate the portability of functions:

ISO/ANSI C Conforming

These functions conform to the ISO and ANSI C Language standards.

POSIX.1 Conforming

These functions conform the POSIX.1 standard.

UNIX Compatible

These functions are commonly found in traditional UNIX C libraries.

SAS/C Extensions

These functions are not portable.

Additional Documentation

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Online Documentation

This book is also available in html format for on-line viewing. See your SAS/C Software Consultant for information on accessing this book online.

SAS/C Software Documentation

In addition to SAS/C Library Reference, Third Edition, Volume 2, Release 6.00 , you will find these other documents helpful when using SAS/C software:

Supplementary Documentation

The following supplementary reference documentation is also recommended:

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