cfsetospeed -- Set Output Baud Rate


 #include <termios.h>

 int cfsetospeed(struct termios *terminal, speed_t speed);


cfsetospeed is used to set a new output baud rate in the termios structure. (terminal points to a copy of this structure.) This structure is defined in <termios.h> and contains terminal attribute information.

The tcgetattr function must be used to make a copy of the termios structure before you can use the cfsetospeed function to set the output baud rate. The cfsetospeed function changes the baud rate in this copy and the tcsetattr functions can then be used to update the termios control structure.

The defined type, speed_t, specifies the baud rate. Each value is associated with an asynchronous line speed as follows:

   Return Value    Baud Rate

   B0              hang up

   B50             50 baud

   B75             75 baud

   B110            110 baud

   B134            134.5 baud

   B150            150 baud

   B200            200 baud

   B300            300 baud

   B600            600 baud

   B1200           1200 baud

   B1800           1800 baud

   B2400           2400 baud

   B4800           4800 baud

   B9600           9600 baud

   B19200          19,200 baud

   B38400          38,400 baud



If successful, cfsetospeed returns 0. A -1 is returned if unsuccessful.


The cfsetospeed function is defined by the POSIX.1 standard and provides portability between operating environments. Note that OpenEdition only supports pseudoterminals and that baud rate does not affect the operation of a pseudoterminal.


The following example illustrates the use of cfsetospeed to set a new output baud rate:
  #include <sys/types.h>
  #include <termios.h>
  #include <unistd.h>
  #include <stdio.h>

     struct termios termAttr;
     speed_t baudRate;

        /* Obtain a copy of the termios structure for stdout. */
     tcgetattr(STDOUT_FILENO, &termAttr);
        /* Get the output speed.                              */
     baudRate = cfgetospeed(&termAttr);
        /* Set output speed if not 9600 baud.                 */
     if (baudRate != B9600) {
        cfsetospeed(&termAttr, B9600);
        tcsetattr(STDOUT_FILENO, TCSADRAIN, &termAttr);



cfgetospeed, cfsetispeed, tcsetattr

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