System Requirements
SASĀ® Text Miner for Desktop 14.3

Client-Tier Requirements

SAS Text Miner for Desktop

Select a platform:

The following software is required for SAS Text Miner but is not included.

  • Base SAS
  • SAS/SECURE - (included with Base SAS starting with version 9.4).
  • SAS Studio - Single User (Windows 32-bit and x64, servers and workstations only).
  • SAS Studio Basic - (AIX, HP, IPF, Linux for x64, Solaris SPARC, Solaris for x64, and Windows for x64 server only).
  • SAS Enterprise Miner for Desktop 

SAS Enterprise Miner Client is included with SAS Enterprise Miner.

If not specified, by default, SAS Text Analytics Language of choice for English (USA) will be included with SAS Text Miner for Desktop.

SAS Text Miner for Desktop supports the newest version of Java 8, update 111.

Web Browsers

The list of web browsers that SAS supports is updated as new products are tested and approved. For the latest information, visit the SAS 9.4 Support for Web Browsers and Plug-Ins page at

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