Output Data Sets

PROC SURVEYIMPUTE creates an output data set to store the imputed data and the replicate weights, and an output data set to store the jackknife coefficients for jackknife variance estimation. You can use the Output Delivery System (ODS) to create a SAS data set from any piece of PROC SURVEYIMPUTE output. For more information, see the section Displayed Output.

OUT= Output Data Set

You can use the OUTPUT statement to create a data set to store the imputed data. The OUTPUT OUT= data set contains all the variables from the input data set, imputed values for missing values for the variables in the VAR statement, and some observation-level quantities. These quantities can include the fractionally adjusted weights, replicate weights, recipient numbers, and donor identifications.

Jackknife Coefficients Output Data Set

If you specify the OUTJKCOEFS= option in the OUTPUT statement, PROC SURVEYIMPUTE stores the jackknife coefficients in an output data set. The OUTJKCOEFS= output data set contains one observation for each replicate. The OUTJKCOEFS= data set contains the following variables:

  • Replicate: the replicate number for the jackknife coefficient

  • JKCoefficient: the jackknife coefficient for the replicate

  • DonorStratum: the stratum of the PSU that was deleted to construct the replicate, if you use a STRATA statement

You can use the JKCOEFS= option in the REPWEIGHTS statement in any SAS/STAT survey procedure to provide jackknife coefficients for that procedure. If the jackknife coefficients are different from (R–1)/R, where R is the total number of replicates, then you must provide the jackknife coefficients to correctly estimate the variance.