CLASS Statement

  • CLASS variable <(options)>$\ldots $ <variable <(options)>> </ global-options>;

The CLASS statement names the classification variables to be used as explanatory variables in the analysis. The CLASS statement must precede the MODEL statement. You can list the response variable for binary and multinomial models in the CLASS statement, but this is not necessary.

The CLASS statement is documented in the section CLASS Statement in SAS/STAT 14.1 User's Guide: High-Performance Procedures.

The HPGENSELECT procedure additionally supports the following global-option in the CLASS statement:


uppercases the values of character-valued CLASS variables before levelizing them. For example, if the UPCASE option is in effect and a CLASS variable can take the values 'a', 'A', and 'b', then 'a' and 'A' represent the same level and the CLASS variable is treated as having only two values: 'A' and 'B'.