The GENMOD Procedure


ZEROMODEL effects </ options> ;

The ZEROMODEL statement enables you to perform zero-inflated Poisson regression or zero-inflated negative binomial regression when those respective distributions are specified by the DIST= option in the MODEL statement. The effects in the ZEROMODEL statement consist of explanatory variables or combinations of variables for the zero-inflation probability regression model in a zero-inflated model. The same effects can be used in both the ZEROMODEL statement and the MODEL statement, or effects can be used in one statement or the other separately. Explanatory variables can be continuous or classification variables. Classification variables can be character or numeric. Explanatory variables representing nominal, or classification, data must be declared in a CLASS statement. Interactions between variables can also be included as effects. Columns of the design matrix are automatically generated for classification variables and interactions. The syntax for specification of effects is the same as for the GLM procedure. See the section Specification of Effects for more information. Also see Chapter 42: The GLM Procedure.

You can specify the following option in the ZEROMODEL statement after a slash (/).


specifies the link function to use in the model. The keywords and their associated link functions are as follows.


Link Function




Complementary log-log





If no LINK= option is supplied, the LOGIT link is used. User-defined link functions are not allowed.