The GENMOD Procedure

Syntax: GENMOD Procedure

The following statements are available in the GENMOD procedure. Items within the <> are optional.

PROC GENMOD <options> ;
ASSESS | ASSESSMENT VAR=(effect)|LINK </ options> ;
BAYES <options> ;
BY variables ;
CLASS variable <(options)> …<variable <(options)>> </ options> ;
CODE <options> ;
CONTRAST ’label’ contrast-specification </ options> ;
DEVIANCE variable = expression ;
EFFECTPLOT <plot-type <(plot-definition-options)>> </ options> ;
ESTIMATE ’label’ effect values <, …effect values> </ options> ;
EXACT <’label’> <INTERCEPT> <effects> </ options> ;
FREQ | FREQUENCY variable ;
FWDLINK variable = expression ;
INVLINK variable = expression ;
LSMEANS <model-effects> </ options> ;
LSMESTIMATE model-effect <'label'> values <divisor=n> <, …<'label'> values <divisor=n>> </ options> ;
MODEL response = <effects > </ options> ;
OUTPUT <OUT=SAS-data-set> <keyword=namekeyword=name> ;
Programming statements ;
REPEATED SUBJECT=subject-effect </ options> ;
SLICE model-effect </ options> ;
STORE <OUT=>item-store-name </ LABEL='label'> ;
STRATA variable <(option)> …<variable <(option)>> </ options> ;
WEIGHT | SCWGT variable ;
VARIANCE variable = expression ;
ZEROMODEL <effects > </ options> ;

The ASSESS, BAYES, BY, CLASS, CODE, CONTRAST, DEVIANCE, ESTIMATE, FREQUENCY, FWDLINK, INVLINK, MODEL, OUTPUT, programming statements, REPEATED, VARIANCE, WEIGHT, and ZEROMODEL statements are described in full after the PROC GENMOD statement in alphabetical order. The EFFECTPLOT, LSMEANS, LSMESTIMATE, SLICE, and STORE statements are common to many procedures. Summary descriptions of functionality and syntax for these statements are also given after the PROC GENMOD statement in alphabetical order, and full documentation about them is available in Chapter 19: Shared Concepts and Topics.

The PROC GENMOD statement invokes the GENMOD procedure. All statements other than the MODEL statement are optional. The CLASS statement, if present, must precede the MODEL statement, and the CONTRAST and EXACT statements must come after the MODEL statement.