The ANOVA Procedure

MODEL Statement

MODEL dependents = effects </ options> ;

The MODEL statement names the dependent variables and independent effects. The syntax of effects is described in the section Specification of Effects. For any model effect involving classification variables (interactions as well as main effects), the number of levels cannot exceed 32,767. If no independent effects are specified, only an intercept term is fit. This tests the hypothesis that the mean of the dependent variable is zero. All variables in effects that you specify in the MODEL statement must appear in the CLASS statement because PROC ANOVA does not allow for continuous effects.

You can specify the following options in the MODEL statement; they must be separated from the list of independent effects by a slash.


displays the hypothesis tests associated with the intercept as an effect in the model. By default, the procedure includes the intercept in the model but does not display associated tests of hypotheses. Except for producing the uncorrected total SS instead of the corrected total SS, the INT option is ignored when you use an ABSORB statement.


suppresses the display of univariate statistics. You typically use the NOUNI option with a multivariate or repeated measures analysis of variance when you do not need the standard univariate output. The NOUNI option in a MODEL statement does not affect the univariate output produced by the REPEATED statement.