The ANOVA Procedure

ODS Graphics

Statistical procedures use ODS Graphics to create graphs as part of their output. ODS Graphics is described in detail in Chapter 21: Statistical Graphics Using ODS.

Before you create graphs, ODS Graphics must be enabled (for example, by specifying the ODS GRAPHICS ON statement). For more information about enabling and disabling ODS Graphics, see the section Enabling and Disabling ODS Graphics in Chapter 21: Statistical Graphics Using ODS.

The overall appearance of graphs is controlled by ODS styles. Styles and other aspects of using ODS Graphics are discussed in the section A Primer on ODS Statistical Graphics in Chapter 21: Statistical Graphics Using ODS.

When ODS Graphics is enabled, if you specify a one-way analysis of variance model, with just one independent classification variable, or if you use a MEANS statement, then the ANOVA procedure will produce a grouped box plot of the response values versus the classification levels. For an example of the box plot, see the section One-Way Layout with Means Comparisons.

ODS Graph Names

PROC ANOVA produces a single graph, the name of which you can use for referencing it in ODS. The name is listed in Table 25.7.

Table 25.7: ODS Graphic Produced by PROC ANOVA

ODS Graph Name

Plot Description


Box plot of observed response values by classification levels