The ANOVA Procedure

Using PROC ANOVA Interactively

PROC ANOVA can be used interactively. After you specify a model in a MODEL statement and run PROC ANOVA with a RUN statement, a variety of statements (such as MEANS, MANOVA, TEST, and REPEATED) can be executed without PROC ANOVA recalculating the model sum of squares.

The section Syntax: ANOVA Procedure describes which statements can be used interactively. You can execute these interactive statements individually or in groups by following the single statement or group of statements with a RUN statement. Note that the MODEL statement cannot be repeated; the ANOVA procedure allows only one MODEL statement.

If you use PROC ANOVA interactively, you can end the procedure with a DATA step, another PROC step, an ENDSAS statement, or a QUIT statement. The syntax of the QUIT statement is


When you use PROC ANOVA interactively, additional RUN statements do not end the procedure but tell PROC ANOVA to execute additional statements.

When a WHERE statement is used with PROC ANOVA, it should appear before the first RUN statement. The WHERE statement enables you to select only certain observations for analysis without using a subsetting DATA step. For example, the statement  where group ne 5  omits observations with GROUP=5 from the analysis. See SAS Statements: Reference for details about this statement.

When a BY statement is used with PROC ANOVA, interactive processing is not possible; that is, once the first RUN statement is encountered, processing proceeds for each BY group in the data set, and no further statements are accepted by the procedure.

Interactivity is also disabled when there are different patterns of missing values among the dependent variables. For details, see the section Missing Values, which follows.