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Examining Distributions

Creating the Distribution Analysis

The distribution of a variable is the pattern of variation of its numerical values (Moore and McCabe 1989). In this example, you examine a distribution of scores on the mathematics portion of the SAT exam.

Open the GPA data set.

Select the variable SATM by clicking on its name in the data window.

exd02.gif (9868 bytes)

Figure 12.2: Data Window with SATM Selected

Choose Analyze:Distribution ( Y ).

Figure 12.3: Analyze Menu

This creates a distribution window, as shown in Figure 12.4. A box plot, histogram, Moments table, and Quantiles table appear by default. With these graphs and tables, you can examine important features of a distribution.

exd04.gif (20463 bytes)

Figure 12.4: Distribution Analysis

Box Plot


Moments and Quantiles Tables

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