MIGRATE Procedure

Example 6: Additional Steps for Unsupported Catalogs


PROC MIGRATE is not supported for migrating catalogs under the following circumstances:
  • SAS 6 AIX catalogs to any target library.
  • Tru64 UNIX catalogs to either Linux for x64 or Solaris for x64 target library.
  • any catalogs if you must use SLIBREF but you do not have access to either SAS/CONNECT or SAS/SHARE software. To learn whether SLIBREF= is required, see Using the SLIBREF= Option.
This example is the best practice to convert catalogs so that they are native with the target environment and with the current release of SAS.
You can use this process for just the catalogs or for all members of a library. You might want to limit this method to catalogs for the following reasons:
  • FTP can be time-consuming for large libraries.
  • By using PROC MIGRATE for other members of the library, you can retain those members' attributes and use validation tools.
For more information, see Moving and Accessing SAS Files.


  1. In the source session, create a transport file with PROC CPORT. (See CPORT Procedure.)
  2. Move the transport file to the target environment. Do not use RLS (a feature of SAS/CONNECT and SAS/SHARE software) to move catalogs, or you will encounter errors. You must use binary FTP, the DOWNLOAD procedure, NFS (Network File System), or another method of directly accessing files.
  3. In the target session, use CIMPORT to import the transport file. (See CIMPORT Procedure.)