MIGRATE Procedure

Migrating a Library with Validation Tools

When you run PROC MIGRATE with validation tools, you generate Output Delivery System (ODS) reports that validate a successful migration. The validation tools are located on the SAS Web site at http://support.sas.com/rnd/migration/procmigrate/validtools.html. The validation tools support a basic migration or a migration with the SLIBREF option (which uses RLS).
The validation tools consist of a set of macros and a template of example code. Some of the macros run before the migration to record the expected behavior of PROC MIGRATE. Another group of macros runs after the migration to record the actual behavior. The final group of macros compares expected and actual behavior.
If you use the MOVE option with PROC MIGRATE, the validation tools can produce validation output only for the members that were migrated. The MOVE option deletes the source library after it has been moved to the target library. For these reasons, the MOVE option significantly limits the validation tools. For example code, see the validation tools topics on the SAS Web site (the URL above).