MIGRATE Procedure

Example 7: Alternatives to PROC MIGRATE


PROC MIGRATE is not supported for libraries that were created under the following source environments:
  • SAS 8.2 libraries from CMS, OS/2, OpenVMS VAX, or 64-bit AIX.
  • any unsupported SAS 6 operating environment. For a list of supported SAS 6 operating environments, see Migrating a SAS 6 Library.


To migrate across operating environments that cannot use PROC MIGRATE, use the following process:
  1. Under the source installation of SAS, use one of the conversion procedures, PROC COPY, PROC CPORT, or PROC UPLOAD, to create a transport file containing your source library. See Moving and Accessing SAS Files .
  2. Under the target installation of SAS, use PROC COPY, PROC CIMPORT, or PROC DOWNLOAD to convert the transport file to a SAS®9 library.