CPORT Procedure

Tip: Use PROC CPORT or PROC CIMPORT when backing up graphic catalogs. PROC COPY cannot be used to back up graphic catalogs.
See: CPORT Procedure under Windows, UNIX , z/OS


PROC CPORT source-type=libref | <libref.>member-name<option(s)>;
EXCLUDE SAS file(s) | catalog entry(s)</ MEMTYPE=mtype> </ ENTRYTYPE=entry-type>;
SELECT SAS file(s) | catalog entry(s) </ MEMTYPE=mtype> </ ENTRYTYPE=entry-type>;
TRANTAB NAME=translation-table-name

Table of Procedure Tasks

Statement Task Example
PROC CPORT Statement Create a transport file Ex. 1, Ex. 2, Ex. 3, Ex. 4, Ex. 5
EXCLUDE Statement Exclude one or more specified files from the transport file  
SELECT Statement Specify one or more files or entries to include in the transport file Ex. 2
TRANTAB Statement Specify one or more translation tables for characters in catalog entries to be exported Ex. 4