CPORT Procedure

CPORT Problems: Creating Transport Files

Data Control Blocks Characteristics

A common problem when you create or import a transport file under the z/OS environment is a failure to specify the correct Data Control Block (DCB) characteristics. When you reference a transport file, you must specify the following DCB characteristics:
  • LRECL=80
  • BLKSIZE=8000
Another common problem can occur if you use communications software to move files from another environment to z/OS. In some cases, the transport file does not have the proper DCB characteristics when it arrives on z/OS. If the communications software does not allow you to specify file characteristics, try the following approach for z/OS:
  1. Create a file under z/OS with the correct DCB characteristics and initialize the file.
  2. Move the transport file from the other environment to the newly created file under z/OS using binary transfer.

Loss of Numeric Precision

PROC CPORT and PROC CIMPORT can lose precision on numeric values that are extremely small and large. Refer to Loss of Numeric Precision and Magnitude in SAS/CONNECT User's Guide for details.