CALENDAR Procedure

MEAN Statement

Specifies numeric variables in the activities data set for which mean values are to be calculated for each month.
Supports: Summary calendars
Tip: You can use multiple MEAN statements.
See: Summary Calendar with MEAN Values by Observation


Required Argument

numeric variable for which mean values are calculated for each month.
Restriction:This variable must be in the activities data set.

Optional Argument

names a SAS or user-defined format to be used in displaying the means requested.
Default:BEST. format


  • The means appear at the bottom of the summary calendar page, if there is room; otherwise they appear on the following page.
  • The means appear in the LEGEND box if you specify the LEGEND option.
  • PROC CALENDAR automatically displays variables named in a MEAN statement in the calendar output, even if the variables are not named in the VAR statement.