CALENDAR Procedure

HOLIDUR Statement

Specifies the variable in the holidays data set that contains the duration of each holiday for a schedule calendar.
Default: If you do not use a HOLIDUR or HOLIFIN statement, then all holidays last one day.
Restriction: Cannot use with a HOLIFIN statement.
Supports: Schedule calendars
Schedule Calendar with Holidays: 5-Day Default

Schedule Calendar, Blank or with Holidays


HOLIDUR variable;

Required Argument

contains the duration of each holiday.
Range:The duration can be a real or integral value.
Restriction:This variable must be in the holidays data set.


  • If you use both the HOLIFIN and HOLIDUR statements, then PROC CALENDAR uses the HOLIFIN variable value to define each holiday's duration.
  • Set the unit of the holiday duration variable in the same way that you set the unit of the duration variable; use either the INTERVAL= and DAYLENGTH= options or the CALEDATA= data set.
  • Duration is measured inclusively from the start of the holiday (as given in the HOLISTART variable). In the output, any holiday lasting at least half a day appears as lasting a full day.