CALENDAR Procedure

SUM Statement

Specifies numeric variables in the activities data set to total for each month.
Supports: Summary calendars
Tip: To apply different formats to variables that are being summed, use multiple SUM statements.
Summary Calendar with MEAN Values by ObservationMultiple Summary Calendars with Atypical Work Shifts (Separated Output)


Required Argument

specifies one or more numeric variables to total for each month.
Restriction:This variable must be in the activities data set.

Optional Argument

names a SAS or user-defined format to use in displaying the sums requested.


  • The sum appears at the bottom of the calendar page, if there is room. Otherwise, it appears on the following page.
  • The sum appears in the LEGEND box if you specify the LEGEND option.
  • PROC CALENDAR automatically displays variables named in a SUM statement in the calendar output, even if the variables are not named in the VAR statement.