QDEVICE Procedure

Concepts: QDEVICE Procedure

About Universal Previewers

A universal previewer is a special form of a universal printer that is used only to preview printer output. Examples of universal previewers are GhostView to view PostScript output or Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF output.
In the QDEVICE procedure, the reports that are available or unavailable for universal printers are also available or unavailable for universal previewers.

Reports for Windows Operating Environments

By default, SAS starts on Windows using the NOUNIVERSALPRINT (NOUPRINT) system option in order to use Windows printing. The SYSPRINT= system option determines the default Windows printer. Because printers on Windows are associated with a SAS printer interface device, reports that you create for the default Windows printer have a device or printer name of one of the following SAS printer interface devices:
  • WINPRTC (color)
  • WINPRTG (gray scale)
  • WINPRTM (monochrome)
If SAS starts with Universal Printing active on Windows, the default printer report is for the default universal printer and not a Windows printer.