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Base SAS 9.2 Procedures Guide

The FCMP Procedure

Overview: FCMP Procedure
Syntax: FCMP Procedure
PROC FCMP Statement
ABORT Statement
ARRAY Statement
ATTRIB Statement
FUNCTION Statement
LABEL Statement
STRUCT Statement
OUTARGS Statement
Concepts: FCMP Procedure
PROC FCMP and DATA Step Differences
Working with Arrays
Reading Arrays and Writing Arrays to a Data Set
Using Macros with PROC FCMP Routines
Variable Scope in PROC FCMP Routines
Directory Transversal
Identifying the Location of Compiled Functions and Subroutines: The CMPLIB= System Option
Special Functions and CALL Routines: Overview
Special Functions and CALL Routines: Matrix CALL Routines
Special Functions and CALL Routines: C Helper Functions and CALL Routines
Special Functions and CALL Routines: Other Functions
Functions for Calling SAS Code from Within Functions
The FCmp Function Editor
Examples: FCMP Procedure
Example 1: Creating a Function and Calling the Function from a DATA Step
Example 2: Creating a CALL Routine and a Function
Example 3: Executing PROC STANDARDIZE on Each Row of a Data Set
Example 4: Using GTL with User-Defined Functions

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