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SAS 9.2 OLAP Server: User's Guide

Updating SAS OLAP Cubes



Updating a Cube In-Place

Incremental Updates of Cubes and Cube Generations

Coalescing Cube Aggregations

Updating a Cube In a Production Environment

Archiving and Deleting Cube Generations

Updating the Captions and Descriptions for a Cube

Adding New Members to an Incrementally Updated Cube

Reorganization of Cube Levels

Updating Member Properties

Specifying Drill-Through Tables

NWAY Considerations

Updating Multiple Language Support Cubes

Format Search Path and SAS Source Code Considerations

Exporting Cubes that Have Been Updated

Input Data Tables for Cube Updates

Schema and Repository Considerations

Physical Storage and Metadata Considerations

Connecting to a Workspace Server

Proc OLAP Options

Proc OLAPOPERATE Options and SAS OLAP Monitor

Updating Cubes in SAS OLAP Cube Studio

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