What's New for the SAS 9.3 Drivers for JDBC


The SAS 9.3 release of the SAS Drivers for JDBC includes updated Java version support, a feature to enhance the fetch size for the IOM driver, and documentation enhancements.

Supported Java Versions

SAS 9.3 supports Java 6 as the baseline Java version. The SAS Drivers for JDBC work with Java 6 and are backward compatible with Java 5.

Enhanced Fetch Size for the IOM Driver

When using the IOM driver (com.sas.rio.MVADriver), the default behavior for the driver is to calculate an optimal fetch size at run time. The driver calculates the fetch size by setting the fetch size to the number of rows that fit in a 16-kilobyte buffer. This behavior can be overridden with the setFetchSize method.

Documentation Enhancements

Section Using Timestamps, Dates, and Times provides information about SAS dates and times. Sample code for creating tables with time-related columns and inserting values is provided.