Overview of Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)

Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) is a method of dynamically exchanging information between Windows applications. DDE uses a client/server relationship to enable a client application to request information from a server application. SAS is always the client. In this role, SAS requests data from server applications, sends data to server applications, or sends commands to server applications.
You can use DDE with the DATA step, the SAS macro facility, SAS/AF applications, or any other portion of SAS that requests and generates data. DDE has many potential uses. One use is to acquire data from a Windows spreadsheet or database application.
You can access applications that are supported by Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) by accessing the following URL. Word and Excel applications are supported. The PowerPoint application is not supported.
Note: Many Windows programs, including SAS, now support OLE to facilitate communication between applications. If you need to share data with an application that supports OLE, you might prefer to use the OLE support that is built into SAS. For more information, see About OLE .