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Procedures under OpenVMS

DATASETS Procedure: OpenVMS

Managers SAS files; creates and deletes indexes and integrity constraints on SAS data sets.
OpenVMS specifics: directory information; CONTENTS statement output
See: DATASETS Procedure in Base SAS Procedures Guide

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PROC DATASETS <option(s)>;
CONTENTS <option(s)>

Note:   This is a simplified version of the DATASETS procedure syntax. For the complete syntax and its explanation, see the DATASETS procedure in Base SAS Procedures Guide.  [cautionend]

CONTENTS option(s)

the value for option(s) can be the following under OpenVMS:


prints a list of information specific to the OpenVMS operating environment.


The SAS library information that the DATASETS procedure displays in the SAS log is specific to your operating environment. The following output shows the information that the DATASETS procedure writes to the SAS log when the following SAS statements are executed in the OpenVMS environment:

proc datasets library=work;

SAS library Information from PROC DATASETS with the V9 Engine

1     proc datasets library=work;


                           Libref         WORK
                           Engine         V9
                           Physical Name  SASDISK:[SASDEMO.SAS$WORK2542293E]

                                             Member  File Size
                                 #  Name     Type    (blocks)   Last Modified
                                 1  ORANGES  DATA     17        12MAY08:13:46:22

2     quit;

The output shows you the libref, engine, and physical name associated with the library, as well as the names of the data sets that the library contains. It also shows the names of any catalogs and valid memtype stored in the library.

The CONTENTS statement of the DATASETS procedure generates the same Engine/Host Dependent Information as the CONTENTS procedure.

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