SAS System Options under UNIX

Behavior or Syntax That Is Specific to UNIX Environments

This section describes SAS system options that have behavior or syntax that is specific to UNIX environments. Each system option description includes a brief “UNIX specifics” section that explains which aspect of the system option is specific to UNIX. If the information under “UNIX specifics” is “all,” then the system option is described only in this documentation. Otherwise, the system option is described in this documentation and in SAS System Options: Reference.

When You Use Parentheses in a Command Line

On a command line, if arguments are enclosed in quotation marks, then you must use a backslash before the open parenthesis and close parenthesis so that UNIX can interpret the arguments correctly.

List of SAS System Options for UNIX

See Summary of All SAS System Options in UNIX Environments for a table of all of the system options available under UNIX.