G3GRID Procedure

The Input Data Set

The input data set must contain at least three numeric variables:
  • two horizontal variables (x, y)
  • one or more vertical variables, z through z-n, that is interpolated or smoothed as if it were a function of the two horizontal variables
The G3GRID procedure can process multiple vertical variables for each pair of horizontal variables that you specify:
  • if you specify more than one vertical variable, the G3GRID procedure performs a separate analysis, and produces interpolated or smoothed values for each vertical variable
  • if more than one observation in the input data set has the same values for both horizontal variables, x and y, only the first observation is used in the interpolation. A warning message is printed to the log.
  • by default, the interpolation is performed after both variables are similarly scaled, because the interpolation methods assume that the scales of x and y are comparable