GRADAR Procedure

Example 2: Overlaying Radar Charts

CHART statement options:
Sample library member: GRROVER
The most typical way that radar charts are displayed is to overlay the charts on top of each other. To produce an overlay chart, use the OVERLAY= option in the CHART statement. On the OVERLAY= option, specify the classification variable whose values determine the charts to be overlaid. This example shows two blocks of code. For overlay charts with multiple stars, the lines for the stars are rotated through different line styles and colors so that the different stars can be easily seen.
In this example, the OVERLAY= option specifies variable DAY as the overlay variable.
radar chart showing five overlaid charts where each chart represents a different day's data
goptions reset=all border;
title "Capacitor Failures by Cleaning Process";

proc gradar data=sashelp.failure;
    chart cause / freq=count