GKPI Procedure

Controlling the Display of Boundary and Tick Mark Values

In some cases, there might not be enough space to display all of the boundary values or, for speedometers, tick mark values without some of the values colliding together. In these cases, the GKPI procedure typically drops some or all of the boundary or tick mark values, depending on the amount of space available, the font size being used, and the values that need to be displayed.
If the GKPI procedure drops values, you can try the following solutions:
  • increasing the size of the KPI chart using the XPIXELS=/YPIXELS= or HSIZE=/VSIZE= options in the GOPTIONS statement
  • reducing the size of the boundary value font using the BFONT= option
  • applying a SAS format to the boundary values using the FORMAT= option
See Creating a Dial KPI Chart for an example that uses the XPIXELS=, YPIXELS=, BFONT=, and FORMAT= options.