GFONT Procedure

Font Data Sets and the GFONT Procedure

To create a font, you must create a data set that contains font information. Typically, you use a DATA step to create a SAS data set from which the GFONT procedure generates the font. The data set is referred to as the font data set, and you can specify it with the DATA= argument.
To produce the font, invoke the GFONT procedure and specify the data set that contains the font information. In addition, you can include options to modify the design and appearance of the font. For example, the following statement uses the data set FONTDATA to generate the font MYLOG:
proc gfont data=fontdata name=mylogo;
For a demonstration of the font creation process, see Creating Figures for a Symbol Font.
The GFONT procedure uses three types of data sets: the font data set, the kern data set, and the space data set. Each type of data set must contain certain variables and meet certain requirements. The following sections explain what each data set contains, how it is built, and what the requirements of the variables are.