GFONT Procedure

Overview: GFONT Procedure

About the GFONT Procedure

The GFONT procedure displays fonts and creates SAS/GRAPH fonts for use in SAS/GRAPH programs. These fonts can contain standard Roman alphabet characters, foreign language characters, symbols, logos, or figures.

Displaying Fonts

You can use the GFONT procedure output when you want to do the following tasks:
  • review the characters that are available in SAS/GRAPH fonts
  • examine the default device-resident font for your device
  • see the character codes associated with font characters
  • view the hexadecimal values associated with font characters
  • modify the color and height of font characters
  • draw reference lines around font characters

Creating Fonts

The GFONT procedure enables you to create and store any series of figures or alphabet fonts that you can digitize or draw using X and Y coordinates. Font characters or figures can be displayed with any SAS/GRAPH statement or option that allows for a font specification and a text string. See Storing or Displaying User-Created Fonts: GFONT0 Libref and Font Data Sets and the GFONT Procedure for more information.