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The FSVIEW Procedure

ID Statement

Specifies one or more variables whose values identify observations in the FSVIEW window.
Restriction: If you use the ID statement in conjunction with a PROC FSVIEW statement that includes the NEW= option, the FSVIEW procedure terminates with an error message.
Note: If you load an existing FORMULA entry, the ID variables that are recorded in the FORMULA entry take precedence over the ID variables that are specified in the ID statement.

ID variable <... variable-n>;



is the name of a variable from the displayed data set.

Using the ID Statement

By default, the FSVIEW procedure uses observation numbers to identify observations. Observation numbers are not displayed when ID variables are used. The values of the ID variables appear at the beginning of each row and remain on the left side of the window when the other variable columns are scrolled horizontally.

The FSVIEW procedure does not show more than the first 53 characters of ID variables. If the ID variable column exceeds this width, it is truncated.

If you want to know an observation's number when it is identified by an ID variable, use the OBS command. See FSVIEW Window Commands for details.

Use the COLOR command to select the color for ID variables and for the ID variable column heading. See FSVIEW Window Commands for details.

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