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The FSVIEW Procedure

FSVIEW Procedure Syntax

Restriction: Do not use any of the other statements when you use the NEW= option in the PROC FSVIEW statement. (The ID and VAR statements cause errors; the FORMAT, INFORMAT, and WHERE statements are ignored.)
Reminder: When you use the FORMULA= option with the PROC FSVIEW statement to load an existing formula entry, the features that are defined in the entry take precedence over the features that are specified in the FORMAT, ID, INFORMAT, and VAR statements.

PROC FSVIEW <DATA=data-set> | <NEW=data-set <LIKE=data-set>>
FORMAT variable-list format <... variable-list-n format-n>;
ID variable <... variable-n>;
INFORMAT variable-list informat <... variable-list-n informat-n>;
VAR variable <... variable-n>;
WHERE expression;

The PROC FSVIEW statement is required. The other statements are optional and are used as follows:

To do this Use this statement
Associate formats with variables in the input data set FORMAT
Specify the variable or variables that are used to identify observations instead of using observation numbers ID
Associate informats with variables in the input data set INFORMAT
Select which variables are available to the procedure VAR
Specify a condition or set of conditions that observations in the input data set must meet in order to be processed WHERE

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