The TIMEID Procedure

Overview: TIMEID Procedure

The TIMEID procedure evaluates a variable in an input data set for its suitability as a time ID variable in SAS procedures and solutions that are used for time series analysis. PROC TIMEID assesses how well a time interval specification fits SAS date or datetime values, or observation numbers used to index a time series. The time interval used in this analysis can be either specified explicitly as input to PROC TIMEID or inferred by the procedure based on values of the time ID variable. The TIMEID procedure produces diagnostic information in the form of data sets and ODS tabular and plotted output. These diagnostic results summarize characteristics of the time ID variable that can help determine its use as an index in other time series procedures and solutions.

PROC TIMEID is intended for use as a tool to either identify the time interval of a variable or prepare problematic data sets for use in subsequent time series analyses. In particular, this procedure can be used to investigate inconsistencies between time ID values and the ID statement options used in other SAS procedures and solutions.