The SSM Procedure (Experimental)

MODEL Statement

MODEL response = variables </ options> ;

A MODEL statement specifies an observation equation that describes a response variable as a sum of regression effects and components that are defined in the program. The response variable must be a numeric variable from the input data set. The variables used in the right-hand side of the model expression can be numeric variables from the input data set, numeric variables defined by using programming statements, or names of components that are specified in the COMPONENT, TREND, or IRREGULAR statements.

For a multivariate model, a separate MODEL statement is needed for each of the response variables. In this case, the observation errors, which are specified in an IRREGULAR statement, must be different in each MODEL statement. You can specify the following options to print the filtered or smoothed estimate of the response variable:


requests printing of the filtered or smoothed estimate of the specified response variable. The filtered estimate is produced during the filtering phase, and the smoothed estimate is produced by the smoothing phase of the Kalman filter and smoother algorithm. The filtered estimate is also called the one-step-ahead forecast of the response variable. The smoothed estimate corresponds to the full-sample prediction of the response variable. Since the full-sample prediction of a nonmissing response value is that value itself, full-sample predictions are printed only for the missing response values.