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SAS Data Quality Server System Options


Specifies an ordered list of locales.
Requirements: You must specify at least one locale.



DQLOCALE= (locale1,<,locale2><,...localeN> )


specifies an ordered list of locales. The list determines how the data is cleansed. Locales are applied to the data in the order in which they are specified. All locales in the list must exist in the Quality Knowledge Base.


The DQLOCALE= system option identifies the locales that are referenced during data cleansing. The order of the locales in the list affects the locale matching scheme of the DQMATCH procedure.

Unlike other system options, the value of the DQLOCALE= system option must be loaded into memory. Normally, system option values go into the system options table only. Because the locales that are specified with this option must also be loaded into memory, always set the value of this system option by invoking the AUTOCALL macro %DQLOAD. This macro takes as its arguments the values for the DQLOCALE= and DQSETUPLOC= system options.

Note:   It is recommended that you invoke the AUTOCALL macro %DQLOAD at the beginning of each data cleansing program or session. Failure to do so might generate unintended output.  [cautionend]

SAS specifies no default value for the DQLOCALE= system option.

It is recommended that you not use an AUTOEXEC to load default locales when you invoke SAS. Loading default locales can enable you to apply the wrong locales to your data, which generates unintended output. Loading default locales also wastes resources when you are not cleansing data. Instead of loading default locales, invoke the %DQLOAD macro at the beginning of each data cleansing program or session. See %DQLOAD AUTOCALL Macro.

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