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Sets system option values and loads locales into memory.


%DQLOAD(DQLOCALE=<(locale1 ...localeN)>,
DQINFO=0 |1;

DQLOCALE=(locale1 ...localeN)

specifies a value for the DQLOCALE= system option to load an ordered list of locales into memory.

DQSETUPLOC='file-specification' | 'path-specification'

specifies a value for the system option DQSETUPLOC=. The file specification identifies the location of the setup file. The setup file in turn identifies the location of the Quality Knowledge Base, which contains the specified locales. In the Windows and UNIX operating environments, the path specification identifies the root directory of the Quality Knowledge Base. In that case, a setup file is not required.

DQINFO=0 | 1

specifying DQINFO=1 generates additional information in the SAS log about the status of the locale load operation. The default value is DQINFO=0.


The %DQLOAD AUTOCALL macro should be used at the beginning of each data cleansing program. This ensures that the proper list and order of locales is loaded into memory before you cleanse data. This loading prevents the use of an unintended default locale or locale list. Specify the %DQLOAD macro before data cleansing, instead of at SAS invocation using an AUTOEXEC or configuration file, to preserve memory and shorten the duration of the SAS invocation. Doing so is particularly beneficial when the SAS session is not used to run data cleansing programs.

It is strongly suggested that you use only the %DQLOAD macro to set the value of the DQLOCALE= system option. Setting the value of this system option by the usual means (such as an OPTIONS statement) does not load the specified locales into memory. Not loading locales into memory can lead to the use of an unintended locale. For the same reason, it is not recommended that you set the DQLOCALE= system option at SAS invocation using a configuration file or AUTOEXEC.

In addition to setting the DQLOCALE= system option, the %DQLOAD macro also sets the DQSETUPLOC= system option (if that value is not set by default at your site). When SAS is installed, the value of the DQSETUPLOC= option is set to point to the location where the setup file is installed.


The following example loads the ENUSA and DEDEU locales into memory in the UNIX operating environment:


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