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SAS Data Quality Server System Options


Specifies SAS session parameters for data quality programs.
Restriction: You cannot create or apply schemes in BFD format in z/OS.
Valid in: The configuration file and as SAS start-up option.



DQOPTIONS = (label1=value1)


specifies the SAS Data Quality Server protocol. In operating environments, other than z/OS, the default SOAP protocol is recommended.


specifies the Wireline protocol, which is required in the z/OS operating environment for DataFlux Integration Servers version 8.1.1 or newer. The Wireline protocol improves data transfer performance in z/OS. In the SAS Data Quality Server software, z/OS support encompasses the DQSRVSVC procedure and all functions.

Requirement: The Wireline protocol must be specified in the z/OS operating environment.

specifies whether transcoding errors end SAS processing.

  • Errors can also occur when transcoding the locale's character set into the character set that is used in the SAS session.

  • Transcoding errors can occur if characters in the source data cannot be converted into the character set that is used by the selected locale.


prevents writing of transcoding warning messages to the SAS log. SAS processing continues and ignores any transcoding errors.


writes transcoding error messages to the SAS log, and SAS stops processing.

Default: A value is not supplied for the TRANSCODE= option.

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