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The Analytics 2014 Conference is a two-day educational event for anyone who is serious about analytics. Pre-conference training is offered June 2-3.

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SAS Enterprise Miner can help you to achieve the twin goals of improving the quality of data and gaining a good understanding the variables.

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Rick Wicklin, senior researcher in computational statistics at SAS, blogs about how you can learn SAS for free with tutorial videos on SAS Studio, programming, analytics and more.

Subconscious Musings

There are a great many uncertainties surrounding the disappearance of flight MH370, making a search and rescue operation all but seem like finding a needle in an ocean-sized haystack. There is, however, an already established statistical framework based on Bayesian inference that has had great success in locating, amongst other things, a Hydrogen bomb lost over the Mediterranean sea1, a sunken nuclear submarine from the US Navy, and the wreckage of Air France Flight 447.

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Dieter Steinmann Dieter Steinmann is Senior Manager of Information and Communication Services for Business Systems at Fraport, which operates the Frankfurt Airport. With nearly half a million takeoffs and landings, more than 50 million passengers, and over 2 million tons of freight each year, the Frankfurt Airport relies heavily on SAS analytics. As keynote speaker at the Analytics 2014 conference in Frankfurt, Steinmann will share his experiences using SAS High Performance Analytics and SAS Visual Analytics to manage one of the largest traffic hubs in the world.