Key Resources for SAS Administrators

Margaret Crevar shares her list of the critical
resources all SAS administrators need to know about.

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SAS and HadoopóLiving In the Same House

Stuart Rogers of SAS explains how
to simplify the SAS-Hadoop architecture

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SAS Global Forum 2015 will be held April 26th - 29th in Dallas, Texas. Four days of education, activities and energy. Hundreds of presentations, expert-led courses and Hands-On Workshops. Thousands of attendees from all over the world. Countless opportunities to learn, network and share.

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SAS Users

The major benefit of 64-bit applications is that they no longer have the memory limitation imposed by their 32-bit predecessors. This is why many SAS customers are making the transition from 32-bit SAS to 64-bit SAS. The move to 64-bit SAS can be daunting at first sight.

SAS Training

it's not that I'm jealous, but that I'm paying homage to him! For those of you who haven't seen it, here is a link to one of Hans Rosling's famous Flash graph animations. I invite you to have a look at it, and play around with it a bit.

The SAS Dummy

Of the many new features, some are "biggies" while others are more subtle. My favorite new features are those for SAS programmers, including several items that I've heard customers ask for specifically.

SAS User

Lisa Mendez Lisa Mendez, is a Senior Data Analyst at HEB and has been programming in SAS for more than 14 years. Mendez has presented papers and presentations at the SCSUG Educational Forum and SAS Global Forum. She is a two-time participant in the SAS Global Forum Student Ambassador Program (2009, 2011) and an executive committee member of the South Central SAS Users Group.