SAS Current Export Designation Information

SAS Institute Inc., its subsidiaries, distributors and agents ("SAS Representatives") must export products in accordance with the laws and regulations of the United States of America. SAS maintains export policies to ensure our compliance with such export laws and regulations. The chart below summarizes the Export Control Classification Number which has been assigned to SAS products, along with a license designation.

Classification of the products, however, is only one part of determining the status of an export under the export regulations. An exporter must also analyze the recipient of an export and the use of the product by the recipient to determine whether an export license is needed or an export is permissible.

Following is a list of government websites that may be helpful in answering basic export questions:

  Department of Commerce
  Bureau of Export Administration (DOC)
  Department of State
  Office of Defense Trade Controls (DOS)
  Department of Defense
  Department of Treasury
  Office of Foreign Assets Control (Treas)

The actual export laws and regulations of the United States of America govern the export of goods and services to foreign countries. These laws and regulations are the subject of interpretation and are constantly changing. Such changes may not be reflected in the Export Designation Chart or in the above listed government websites. The information contained herein and the sites listed above are for informational purposes only and this website and those government sites listed above should not be relied upon in making a determination regarding the permissibility of any export. Any person or entity seeking to engage in an export action should obtain the advice of an attorney experienced in export matters prior to beginning such export action.

Export Designation Chart

NLR = No License Required
ENC = Encryption Commodities and Software
MMKT = Mass Market

All SAS solutions and product bundles must be analyzed and classified according to the products which they contain.

Last Updated: March 2013