SAS® 9.3 Software

SAS 9.3 was released in July 2011; first maintenance release, SAS 9.3 TS1M1, became available in December 2011; and second maintenance release SAS 9.3 TS1M2, became available in August 2012.

Core analytical products are now released every 12–18 months and are independent of Base SAS. To mark this independence, these products now have their own release numbers—the August 2012 releases are numbered 12.1—and they are available with SAS 9.3 TS1M2. If you have a current license for a product that has a new 12.1 release, you can update that product by installing SAS 9.3 TS1M2. For more information about the 12.1 releases, see Highlights of New Features.